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[Zcam] Jeonju International Film Festival Opening Ceremony Sketch

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[Zenith News=Seung Joon Shin/EN by Jasmin Kang] "Jeonju International Film Festival's opening ceremony was held on April 29th.

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk and actress Yu Seon hosted the opening ceremony.

There will be total 211 movies(16 long films, 48 short films) from 45 countries showing on 5 different theaters.

Jeonju International Film Festival will be held until May 7th at the Movie Street in Jeonju.
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  • Seohyeon at Detective Hong Gil Dong VIP Premiere
  • Park Bo Yeong at Detective Hong Gil Dong VIP Premiere
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  • GOT7 at the first concert press conference
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  • GOT7 Youngjae at the first concert press conference
  • GOT7 Jr. at the first concert press conference
  • GOT7 Jackson at the first concert press conference
  • GOT7 BamBam at the first concert press conference
  • GOT7 Mark at the first concert press conference
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  • 'A Flower in Prison'
  • 'A Flower in Prison' Production conference
  • Family of 'A Flower in Prison'
  • Choo Ja Hyeon at KBEE2016 Honorary ambassador
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  • Cute couple of 'Overman' VIP Premiere
  • 'Overman' VIP Premiere
  • My Bodyguard production conference
  • B1F4 Shinwoo at My Bodyguard production conference
  • Lee Dong Wook at My Bodyguard production conference
  • Twice at 2nd Mini Album Showcase
  • Twice Jeongyeon at 2nd Mini Album Showcase
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