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A midsummer night’s dream in the city, enjoy your glamping in ‘Nanjang Camp’

최종수정시간 : 14-08-23 21:54

[Reporter Min Kyung Son] A word ‘glamping’ defined as glamorous camping.  It is a new word for a new kind of camping. If subscribers are hesitated to go camping because there are too many things to prepare, ‘glamping’ is the answer.

Since the weather is great, there are many people go to camping. People could have great time with their family and friends, while they prepare for camping and enjoy the nature.


However, the truth is, if subscribers are not camping manias, it would be stressful rather than to be a fun activity. Moreover, while they need to build tents under the sun, make fire for barbeque, and have a war against mosquitos, this great time for ‘healing’ will become ‘labor’.


If subscribers want to go camping without any troubles above, there is answer for them.

<Nanjang Camp> is a glamping style barbeque restaurant, where they may enjoy their time with family and friends.


<Nanjang Camp>’s interior makes feel like being inside of a huge tent. Also, when customers sit on the camping chairs, they can touch pebbles with their feet. Water flows like a small valley along the inside of restaurant, and a huge screen makes customers feel like being in an outdoor movie theater.


<Nanjang Camp>’s CEO Kim Dong Hoon said, “I like traveling so I could start this business with my ideas that I have gained from traveling in the different places. I wish to build a place to heal office workers, who are utterly exhausted with their works, and make enjoyable memories to young customers. I wanted costumers feel like they are really go camping, even though they are staying in indoor place. So, I produced tables by myself, and paid attention to details.


It is interesting 60-70% of customers are female. Many women customers come to <Nanjang Camp> because the camping atmosphere makes the best place to talk, and the meat comes out after it has been already cooked 90%. And, <Nanjang Camp>’s special real-fruits liquor is also popular. Moreover, a handsome-young CEO’s serving attract many 20s-30s age groups of female customers.


August is almost over. If subscribers could not go to summer vacation yet this year, how about go to <Nanjang Camp> and enjoy glamping with your co-works, family or friends?



<Nanjang Camp>

Main Branch: Seoul Gangnam-gu, Nonhyun 85 Street 5-13 2nd Fl. / Tel: 02-544-1446 / Parking / Valet / Must make a reservation / Hour (Main Branch): Lunch A.M11:00~P.M14:00, Dinner P.M17:00~P.M24:00 / Price: Special A 119,000 / Special B ₩108,000 / Special C ₩95,000 / Special D ₩78,000


(Photo by Reporter Im Yuri)

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