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EXID Hani, a airport summer look 'very fresh'

최종수정시간 : 15-07-24 16:01

[Zenith News Yeo Hea Ran  /EN by Sujin Kim] Group EXID's Hani appeard with a fresh cool summer fashion

Hani had been arrived at the Incheon International Airport after the showcase in Taiwan on last 19th. This day Hani created a styling of a sporty mood with a white t-shirt and denim bustier dress.

Especially, she made a look which reminds a summer vacation by just hanging the coss back with patterns on her shoulder.

The bag which made a point in her fashion styling is known as the product of Pauls Boutique.

Meanwhile, the brand is currently conducting a 30% discount off-season events on an official site, including the back applied by Hani.


Photo=Pauls Boutique

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